LVMSR: An efficient algorithm to multicast layered video. : Layered video is a video-compression technique to encode video data in multiple layers. It typically consists of a base layer and some additional layers that provide enhanced video quality. The multicasting operation of layered video consists of many receivers dynamically joining and leaving different multicast sessions of different layers depending on their network condition. A layered video multicasting system needs to satisfy: (i) bounded end-to-end delay from the video source to each receiver; (ii) minimum total cost; and (iii) minimum delay jitter between the various video streams received by each receiver. The problem of computing such data distribution paths is NP-complete. This paper presents a new heuristic algorithm, called layered video multicast super-tree routing algorithm, with O(Rn 2 ) time complexity and O(R 2 ) message complexity, where n is the number of nodes in the network and R is the receiver group size. Our investigation shows that the multicast data paths computed by our algorithm can always satisfy the delay constraint with reasonably low total cost.

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