Functional Linkage of Water basins and Streams (FLoWS): ArcGIS tools for Network-based analysis of freshwater ecosystems. The FLoWS toolbox for ArcGIS v9.1 provides graph theoretic-based analysis tools that functionally links aquatic and terrestrial components of a landscape based on hydrologic processes. This functionality allows for spatial analysis to incorporate metrics such as distance upstream, proportion of flow (discharge) that a site contributes to another site and degree for fragmentation within a drainage network due to dams. FLoWS also allows for terrestrial analysis such as the influence of a city’s sewage discharge has on downstream cities, how many acres of agriculture drain into a river and where the accumulated effects might reach some defined threshold. This type of analysis capabilities makes FLoWS useful for regional water planers, wildlife biologists, soil conservation district managers, and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem modelers. The fundamental backbone behind FLoWS is based on network or graph data structure.

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