RReportGenerator: automatic reports from routine statistical analysis using R. With the establishment of high-throughput (HT) screening methods there is an increasing need for automatic analysis methods. Here we present RReportGenerator, a user-friendly portal for automatic routine analysis using the statistical platform R and Bioconductor. RReportGenerator is designed to analyze data using predefined analysis scenarios via a graphical user interface (GUI). A report in pdf format combining text, figures and tables is automatically generated and results may be exported. To demonstrate suitable analysis tasks we provide direct web access to a collection of analysis scenarios for summarizing data from transfected cell arrays (TCA), segmentation of CGH data, and microarray quality control and normalization. AVAILABILITY: RReportGenerator, a user manual and a collection of analysis scenarios are available under a GNU public license on http://www-bio3d-igbmc.u-strasbg.fr/ wraff

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