MeshDGP: A C Sharp mesh processing framework. We present a mesh processing algorithms framework. MeshDGP is developed with C Sharp and includes the dozens of keystone Siggraph mesh processing algorithms. It is a well refacted, module based framework. MeshDGP includes, but not limit to the following algorithms and functions: HalfEdge, Subdivision, Simplification, Mesh Cut, Segmentation, Laplace deformation, FFD, Green deformation, Mean value Deformation, Mesh Smoothing, Skeleton, Skinning, Morse Function, Spectral Analysis, Vector Field Design, Quadrangulation, Feature Line,GPU Rendering, OpenGL UI, all Linear Parameterization: Harmonic,Linear ABF, LSCM, DCP/DAP,ARAP, Spectral, Gaussian Curvature Based, Discrete Exterior Calculus: Trivial Connection, Geodistance, Conformal Flow, Geodistance: Biharmonic, Diffusion, Commute-Time, and so on. To help students learn computer graphics, and mesh processing algorithms, we also provides a series of book to support and explain the algorithms and implementations in MeshDGP. Any question, please email to