SOVA - a tool for semantic and ontological variability analysis. Variability analysis in Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) utilizes various software-related artifacts, including requirements specifications. Currently, measuring the similarity of requirements specifications for analyzing variability of software products mainly takes into account semantic considera- tions. This might lead to failure to capture important aspects of the software be- havior as perceived by users. In this paper we present a tool, called SOVA – Semantic and Ontological Variability Analysis, which introduces ontological considerations to variability analysis, in addition to the semantic ones. The in- put of the tool is textual requirements statements organized in documents. Each document represents the expectations from or the characteristics of a different software product in a line, while each requirement statement represents an ex- pected behavior of that software product. The output is a feature diagram repre- senting the variability in the input set of requirements documents and setting the ground for behavioral domain analysis

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