SFE Concept

CATIA | SFE CONCEPT is a leading solution for early phase simulation-driven conceptual design. It allows creating and modifying implicitly parametric surface models fast and efficiently. The unique paradigm of the attributive single-layer geometry ensures a high performance - even when handling large structures like an entire automotive body structure or even bigger. Existing model components can re-connected to make use of existing models and to build a high number of variations in a short time for functional comparison. A ready-to-simulate finite element mesh including the connectivity and association to external components can be exported at any time by a click of a button. The analysis models support a high number of industry standard FE solvers and support the concurrent functional assessment of vibrations, stiffness, crash safety and acoustics. Design variables allow modifying geometry and topology to support a fully automatic process integrating functional analysis and improvement in the early stage of a development process.