P2BAT: A Massive Parallel Implementation of PBAT for Genome-Wide Association Studies in R. The software tool P2BAT provides a massive parallel and user friendly implementation of the PBAT-analysis tools for family-based association tests (FBATs) in large-scale studies, including genome-wide association studies with several thousand subjects. Built on the original PBAT-implementation of the Lange-Van Steen algorithm to bypass the multiple testing problem in family-based association studies, P2BAT integrates all PBAT-analysis tools for binary and complex traits into R and makes them accessible through a user-friendly GUI. The genome-wide analysis tools are fully automated and can be ran massively parallel directly through the GUI. P2BAT is fully documented and contains graphical output tools for time-to-onset analysis. P2BAT also features the ability to test for gene and environment/drug interaction. AVAILABILITY: The P2BAT package is available as the R package ’pbatR’ which can be downloaded from http://cran.r-project.org/. The PBAT-software is available at http://www.biostat.harvard.edu/ clange/.

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