CW-HSTCP: fair TCP in high-speed networks. The congestion control mechanisms of the current standard TCP constrain the congestion windows that can be achieved by TCP in high-speed networks, which leads to low link utilization. HSTCP is one solution to solve this problem by modifying the congestion control mechanism to have the characteristics of TCP friendliness in high loss rate environment and high scalability in low loss rate environment. However, experiments revealed that HSTCP has severe RTT unfairness. After analyzing the RTT unfairness in HSTCP with a model, we proposed CW-HSTCP, which added a fair factor to decrease the difference of congestion window caused by different RTT. Fair factor of long RTT flows can cause a sharp window increment that is easy to cause a bursty traffic, so a method called block-pacing was adopted. Simulation results showed that our new proposal could alleviate the RTT unfairness while keeping advantages of HSTCP.

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