CLAIRE: Combining sets, search and rules to better express algorithms, programming language. This paper presents a programming language which includes paradigms that are usually associated with declarative languages, such as sets, rules and search, into an imperative (functional) language. Although these paradigms are separately well known and are available under various programming environments, the originality of the CLAIRE language comes from the tight integration, which yields interesting run-time performances, and from the richness of this combination, which yields new ways in which to express complex algorithmic patterns with few elegant lines. To achieve the opposite goals of a high abstraction level (conciseness and readability) and run-time performance (CLAIRE is used as a C++ pre-processor), we have developed two kinds of compiler: first, a pattern pre-processor handles iterations over both concrete and abstract sets (data types and program fragments), in a completely user-extensible manner; secondly, an inference compiler transforms a set of logical rules into a set of functions (demons that are used through procedural attachment).

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