RapidProM: Mine Your Processes and Not Just Your Data. The number of events recorded for operational processes is growing every year. This applies to all domains: from health care and e-government to production and maintenance. Event data are a valuable source of information for organizations that need to meet requirements related to compliance, efficiency, and customer service. Process mining helps to turn these data into real value: by discovering the real processes, by automatically identifying bottlenecks, by analyzing deviations and sources of non-compliance, by revealing the actual behavior of people, etc. Process mining is very different from conventional data mining and machine learning techniques. ProM is a powerful open-source process mining tool supporting hundreds of analysis techniques. However, ProM does not support analysis based on scientific workflows. RapidProM, an extension of RapidMiner based on ProM, combines the best of both worlds. Complex process mining workflows can be modeled and executed easily and subsequently reused for other data sets. Moreover, using RapidProM, one can benefit from combinations of process mining with other types of analysis available through the RapidMiner marketplace.

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