XES, XESame, and ProM 6. Process mining has emerged as a new way to analyze business processes based on event logs. These events logs need to be extracted from operational systems and can subsequently be used to discover or check the conformance of processes. ProM is a widely used tool for process mining. In earlier versions of ProM, MXML was used as an input format. In future releases of ProM, a new logging format will be used: the eXtensible Event Stream (XES) format. This format has several advantages over MXML. The paper presents two tools that use this format - XESame and ProM 6 - and highlights the main innovations and the role of XES. XESame enables domain experts to specify how the event log should be extracted from existing systems and converted to XES. ProM 6 is a completely new process mining framework based on XES and enabling innovative process mining functionality.

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