Simulated positron lifetime (SimPL): a Monte Carlo simulator for positron diffusion, trapping, and lifetime spectra. A JAVA‐based Monte Carlo simulation program (SimPL) has been created which generates realistic positron lifetime (PL) spectra. The program achieves this by simulating the diffusion, trapping, and annihilation, of positrons in solids. Users can define: defect structures (type, size, concentration, and spatial distribution); behaviour of the positrons in each trap state (trapping rate, lifetime, and effective range of interaction); and spectrometer performance (time resolution, background). SimPL is shown to be very useful for assessing the accuracy of fitted parameter (lifetimes, intensities) values extracted from PL spectra using, e.g. PATFIT. It is also shown to be useful for quantifying the effect that defect spatial distributions have on the positron trapping fraction.

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