SPORCO: A Python package for standard and convolutional sparse representations. SParse Optimization Research COde (SPORCO). This library provides functions for sparse coding and dictionary learning, together with miscellaneous support functions for signal and image processing with sparse representations. The sparse coding algorithms are based on the ADMM framework; while similar codes for some of these functions can be found elsewhere, those provided here include enhancements that are not present in other publicly available codes. There are two versions of SPORCO, one implemented in Matlab, and the other in Python (the Matlab version is indicated by an ’M’ in the version number). Note that the Python version is under far more active development, and supports a number of features that the Matlab version does not. Matlab users are therefore encouraged to make use of the Python version of the library. A number of useful resources are available are available for those who decide to do so: NumPy for Matlab users; Matlab to Python Migration Guide; NumPy for MATLAB users.