R2D: a framework for the relational transformation of RDF data. The astronomical growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in data explosion that in turn has given rise to a need for data representation methodologies and standards to present required information in a rapid and automated manner. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is one such standard proposed by W3C to address the above need. The ubiquitous acceptance of RDF on the Internet has resulted in the emergence of a new data storage paradigm, the RDF Graph Model, which, as with any data storage methodology, requires data modeling and visualization tools to aid with data management. This paper presents R2D (RDF-to-Database), a relational wrapper for RDF Data Stores, which aims to transform, at run-time, semi-structured RDF data into an equivalent domain-specific relational schema, thereby bridging the gap between RDF and RDBMS concepts and making the abundance of relational tools currently in the market available to the RDF Stores. The primary R2D functionalities and mapping constructs, the high-level system architecture, and deployment flowchart are presented along with algorithms and performance graphs for every stage of the transformation process and screenshots of a relational visualization tool using R2D as evidence of the feasibility of the proposed work.

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