OMT-G: An object-oriented data model for geographic applications. Semantic and object-oriented data models, such as ER, OMT, IFO, and others, have been extensively used for modeling geographic applications. Despite their semantic expressiveness, such models present limitations to adequately model those applications, since they do not provide appropriate primitives for representing spatial data. This paper presents OMT-G, an object oriented data model for geographic applications. OMT-G provides primitives for modeling the geometry and the topology of spatial data, supporting different topological structures, multiple views of objects, and spatial relationships. OMT-G also includes tools to specify transformation processes and presentation alternatives, that allow, among many other possibilities, modeling for multiple representations and multiple presentations. In this way, it overcomes the main limitations of the existing models, thus providing more adequate tools for modeling geographic applications. A comparison with other data models is also presented in order to stress the main advantages of OMT-G.

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