PyTransport: A Python package for the calculation of inflationary correlation functions. PyTransport constitutes a straightforward code written in C++ together with Python scripts which automatically edit, compile and run the C++ code as a Python module. It has been written for Unix-like systems (OS X and Linux). Primarily the module employs the transport approach to inflationary cosmology to calculate the tree-level power-spectrum and bispectrum of user specified models of multi-field inflation, accounting for all sub and super-horizon effects. The transport method we utilise means only coupled differential equations need to be solved, and the implementation presented here combines the speed of C++ with the functionality and convenience of Python. This document details the code and illustrates how to use it with a worked example. It has been updated to be a companion to the second version of the code, PyTransport 2.0, which includes functionality to deal with models of inflation with a curved field space metric

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