FAYE: A Java Implement of the Frame/Stream/Stop Analysis Model. FAYE, The Frame AnalYsis Executable, is a Java based implementation of the Frame/Stream/Stop model for analyzing data. Unlike traditional Event based analysis models, the Frame/Stream/Stop model has no preference as to which part of any data is to be analyzed, and an Event get as equal treatment as a change in the high voltage. This model means that FAYE is a suitable analysis framework for many different type of data analysis, such as detector trends or as a visualization core. During the design of FAYE the emphasis has been on clearly delineating each of the executable’s responsibilities and on keeping their implementations as completely independent as possible. This leads to the large part of FAYE being a generic core which is experiment independent, and smaller section that customizes this core to an experiments own data structures. This customization can even be done in C++, using JNI, while the executable’s control remains in Java. This paper reviews the Frame/Stream/Stop model and then looks at how FAYE has approached its implementation, with an emphasis on which responsibilities are handled by the generic core, and which parts an experiment must provide as part of the customization portion of the executable.

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