Simian - Similarity Analyser: Simian (Similarity Analyser) identifies duplication in Java, C#, C, C++, COBOL, Ruby, JSP, ASP, HTML, XML, Visual Basic, Groovy source code and even plain text files. In fact, simian can be used on any human readable files such as ini files, deployment descriptors, you name it. Especially on large enterprise projects, it can be difficult for any one developer to keep track of all the features (classes, methods, etc.) of the system. Simian runs natively in any .NET 1.1 or higher supported environment and on any Java 5 or higher virtual machine, meaning Simian can be run on just about any hardware and any operating system you can hope for. Both the Java and .NET runtimes are included as part of the distribution. Simian can be used as part of the build process during development or as a guide when re-factoring. Think of Simian as an independent pair of eyes that will assist in raising the quality of your software. Within minutes, Simian can save you literally thousands of dollars in time spent performing maintenence, debugging and re-factoring. With licensing available to suite personal, project and enterprise use, simian is ideally suited for use on your project.

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