acados: a modular open-source framework for fast embedded optimal control. The acados software package is a collection of solvers for fast embedded optimization, intended for fast embedded applications. Its interfaces to higher-level languages make it useful for quickly designing an optimization-based control algorithm by putting together different algorithmic components that can be readily connected and interchanged. However, since the core of acados is written in a low-level language close to the hardware, we do not sacrifice computational efficiency. Thus, we aim to provide both flexibility and efficiency through modularity, without the need to rely on automatic code generation, which facilitates maintainability and extensibility. The main features of acados are: efficient optimal control algorithms targeting embedded devices implemented in C, linear algebra based on the high-performance BLASFEO library, user-friendly interfaces to Matlab and Python, and compatibility with the modeling language of CasADi. acados is published under the BSD 2-Clause open source license