Macaulay2 package SpaceCurves -- generation of space curves. SpaceCurves is a package dedicated to generation of curves in P3. The 1.0 version of the package generates smooth curves of a given degree and genus, ACM curves of a given Hilbert function as well as minimal curves in biliaison class with a given Rao-module. The method smoothDivisors produces a list of Divisor of a given degree on a given surface. The method curve(Divisor) produces a random curve in a given divisor class. For a given degree, as one varies the input surface from a smooth quadric, a smooth cubic and a rational quartic surface with a double line, all obtainable genus of a smooth curve will occur (save that of a plane curve). The methods to create the said surfaces are: quadricSurface(Ring), cubicSurface(Ring) and quarticSurfaceRational(Ring).