Algorithm 989: perm_mateda: A Matlab Toolbox of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Permutation-based Combinatorial Optimization Problems. Permutation problems are combinatorial optimization problems whose solutions are naturally codified as permutations. Due to their complexity, motivated principally by the factorial cardinality of the search space of solutions, they have been a recurrent topic for the artificial intelligence and operations research community. Recently, among the vast number of metaheuristic algorithms, new advances on estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) have shown outstanding performance when solving some permutation problems. These novel EDAs implement distance-based exponential probability models such as the Mallows and Generalized Mallows models. In this article, we present a Matlab package, perm_mateda, of estimation of distribution algorithms on permutation problems, which has been implemented as an extension to the Mateda-2.0 toolbox of EDAs. Particularly, we provide implementations of the Mallows and Generalized Mallows EDAs under the Kendall’s-τ, Cayley, and Ulam distances. In addition, four classical permutation problems have also been implemented: Traveling Salesman Problem, Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem, Linear Ordering Problem, and Quadratic Assignment Problem.

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