Symbolic, numeric and graphic manipulations in Non-Eclidean geometry: moebinv. The project contains two C++ libraries for symbolic, numeric and graphical manipulations in non-Euclidean geometry. There is Graphical User Interface which allows to interact with these libraries by mouse clicks. On the deeper level the first library Cycle implements basic operations on cycles (quadrics) through SFSCc construction. The second library Figure operates on ensembles of cycles connected by Moebius-invariant relations, e.g. orthogonality. Both libraries are based on the Clifford algebra capacities of the GiNaC computer algebra system. Besides C++ libraries there is a Python wrapper, which can be used in interactive mode. The core of both libraries is done for spaces with an arbitrary dimension. In addition, there are some 2D/3D-specific routines including a visualisation to PS/PDF/PNG files through Asymptote software. The source code is written in literate programming environment NoWeb.