QuickPIC is a highly efficient, fully parallelized, fully relativistic, three-dimensional particle-in-cell code for simulating particle or laser beam driven wakefield acceleration. The algorithm is based on the quasi-static approximation, which separates out the time scale of the evolution of the driver from the plasma evolution and reduces a fully three-dimensional electromagnetic field solve and particle push to a sequence of two-dimensional transverse field solves and particle pushes. For the laser driver, the ponderomotive guiding center approximation is used. Overall this algorithm speeds up the computational time by 2 to 4 orders of magnitude without losing accuracy for problems of interest. QuickPIC is built using the UPIC Framework. Dynamic load balancing and a field ionization module have been implemented. Recently a novel pipelining algorithm was implemented. With pipelining, QuickPIC achieves good strong scaling to over 10,000+ processors on platforms such as at NERSC.

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