A software tool for the 2D simulation of double-gate SOI MOSFET is developed. The developed tool is working under MATLAB environment and is based on the numerical solution of Poisson and Schrödinger equations self-consistently to yield the potential, carrier concentrations, and current within the device. Compared to the already existing tools, the new tool uses finite elements method for the solution of Poisson equation, thus, the simulation of curved boundary structures becomes feasible. Another new feature of the tool is the use of transfer matrix method (TMM) in the solution of Schrödinger equation which was proven in a recent published paper that it gives more accurate results than the conventional finite difference method (FDM) when used in some regions of operation. According to the working conditions, the tool can toggle between FDM and TMM to satisfy the highest accuracy with the largest speed of simulation. The tool is named as FETMOSS (Finite Elements and Transfer matrix MOS Simulator). (Source: http://dl.acm.org/)

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.