GRAMA: A Mathematica program for analytical calculations in ten-dimensional supergravity. ”GRAMA” is a Mathematica package for doing symbolic tensor computations and complicated algebraic manipulations in 10-dimensional (D=10) simple (N=1) supergravity. The main new ingredients of this package inside the general Mathematica environment are the computation of complicated products of Dirac matrices and the treatment of covariant derivatives: spinorial and vectorial. In principle, with small modifications, GRAMA can also be used for calculations in 4-dimensional supergravity. With the help of this package we were able to obtain the equations of motion and the Lagrangian for the 10-D supergravity including superstring corrections (see hep-th/9507033) - a calculation that would be otherwise impossible to perform. ”GRAMA” is designed as a community- and user-friendly program.

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