BegBunch: benchmarking for C bug detection tools. Benchmarks for bug detection tools are still in their infancy. Though in recent years various tools and techniques were introduced, little effort has been spent on creating a benchmark suite and a harness for a consistent quantitative and qualitative performance measurement. For assessing the performance of a bug detection tool and determining which tool is better than another for the type of code to be looked at, the following questions arise: 1) how many bugs are correctly found, 2) what is the tool’s average false positive rate, 3) how many bugs are missed by the tool altogether, and 4) does the tool scale. In this paper we present our contribution to the C bug detection community: two benchmark suites that allow developers and users to evaluate accuracy and scalability of a given tool. The two suites contain buggy, mature open source code; bugs are representative of ”real world” bugs. A harness accompanies each benchmark suite to compute automatically qualitative and quantitative performance of a bug detection tool. BegBunch has been tested to run on the Solaris™, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. We show the generality of the harness by evaluating it with our own Parfait and three publicly available bug detection tools developed by others.

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