GIG GraphsInGraphs: GraphsInGraphs, or GIG, is a computer aided graph theory Software designed by Eglantine Camby and Gilles Caporossi to help scientific community in their research. The concept of this software is to allow a fast identification of induced subgraphs and induced supergrahs of moderate size, i.e. from 2 up to 10 vertices. The present software is a first attempt to make this system available to researchers by the mean of a graphical interface to search the database. For the time being, only few of the capabilities of the system are made available, but more will be implemented in the near future. To use GraphsInGraphs, first download the software and a database of graphs that best fits your needs. Lists of graphs may then be downloaded and the researcher may use GIG to find subgraphs or supergraphs of graphs in a list. Furthermore, some basic operations on the sets of graphs are available to allow more sophisticated searches. Note that GIG is extensively using McKay’s geng and labelg softwares. Each graph in GIG is canonically labelled and stored in the g6 format.

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