RKHSMetaMod : An R package to estimate the Hoeffding decomposition of an unknown function by solving RKHS Ridge Group Sparse optimization problem. In the context of the Gaussian regression model, RKHSMetaMod estimates a meta model by solving the Ridge Group Sparse Optimization Problem based on the Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces (RKHS). The estimated meta model is an additive model that satisfies the properties of the Hoeffding decomposition, and its terms estimate the terms in the Hoeffding decomposition of the unkwown regression function. This package provides an interface from R statistical computing environment to the C++ libraries Eigen and GSL. It uses the efficient C++ functions through RcppEigen and RcppGSL packages to speed up the execution time and the R environment in order to propose an user friendly package.

Keywords for this software

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