Wikibase is a collection of applications and libraries for creating, managing and sharing structured data. It is an open source project and everyone is welcome to join in development. Wikibase Repository is a MediaWiki extension that lets you store and manage structured, non-relational data in a central, collaboratively managed repository. Wikibase Client is a MediaWiki extension that lets you retrieve and embed structured data from a central repository into your wiki. Query Service that allows you to query the contents of a Wikibase installation using SPARQL. Wikibase is also a set of reusable components that provide a foundation for tasks in the same domain. Wikibase provides an all-purpose data model that takes knowledge diversity, sources and multilingual usage seriously. Wikibase was developed for and is used by Wikidata, the free knowledge base and Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Wikibase uses a component based software design that allows reuse without dictating which framework you should use.