SBUQA question answering system. In this paper we propose a model for answer extraction component of a question answering system called Sbuqa. In our proposed system we exploit methods for meaning extension of the question and the candidate answers and also make use of ontology (WordNet). We use LFG -Lexical Functional Grammar, a meaning based grammar that analyses sentences in a deeper level than syntactic parsing- to represent the question and candidate answers. we proposed an algorithm called extended unification of (f)-structures to match the (f)-structure pattern of the question and (f)-structure patterns of candidate answers. Four main levels of matching are defined based on the exact matching, approximate matching, or no matching between slots and fillers of the two (f)-structure patterns. Finally, the sentences which acquire the minimum score to be offered the user are selected; the answer clause is identified in them and displayed to the user in descending order.

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