Quantum image encryption algorithm based on NASS. This paper proposes a quantum image encryption algorithm based on n-qubit normal arbitrary superposition state (NASS) by using the basic scheme of quantum transformation and random phase transformation. According to theoretical analysis and experimental simulation on MATLAB system, we find that key space is an important factor of encryption and decryption algorithm. When the secret key space is large, it is difficult for the attacker to crack the encrypted information. Based on this finding, we perform 2n + 4 times phase transformation in the encryption process. And each transformation is random, which increases the difficulty of decryption. So there are a total of 2n + 4 randomly transformed keys. In this paper, we design the implementation circuit of random phase transformation, and because the real quantum computer is not in our grasp, now we use MATLAB software to simulate grayscale image and color image encryption algorithm in classic computer, respectively. And the histogram, complexity and correlation are analyzed. Study shows that the proposed encryption algorithm is valid.

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