Extensions of the branching-time logic programming language CACTUS. Cactus has been proposed as a temporal logic programming language based on the branching notion of time. Cactus supports two main operators: the temporal operator first which refers to the first moment in time and the temporal operator next i which refers to the ith child of the current moment. Actually by next i we denote a family {next i ∣i∈ℕ} of next operators, each one referring to a different next moment that immediately follows the present one. In this paper we propose the extension of Cactus with new temporal operators. More specifically, we investigate the use of two variants of the operator next namely the operators O F and O G referring to “some next moment” and “all next moments” respectively. We also investigate the use of branching variants of the well known temporal operators □ (always) and ♦ (sometime).

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