Batman stands for Bayesian Analysis Tool for Modelling and uncertAinty quaNtification. It is a Python module distributed under the open-source CECILL-B license (MIT/BSD compatible). batman seamlessly allows to do statistical analysis (sensitivity analysis, Uncertainty Quantification, moments) based on non-intrusive ensemble experiment using any computer solver. It relies on open source python packages dedicated to statistics (OpenTURNS and scikit-learn). Main features are: Design of Experiment (LHS, low discrepancy sequences, MC), Resample the parameter space based on the physic and the sample, Surrogate Models (Gaussian process, Polynomial Chaos, RBF, scikit-learn’s regressors), Optimization (Expected Improvement), Sensitivity/Uncertainty Analysis (SA, UA) and Uncertainty Quantification (UQ), Visualization in n-dimensions (HDR, Kiviat, PDF), POD for database optimization or data reduction, Automatically manage code computations in parallel.