Lagrangian Monte Carlo simulation of spray-flow interaction. The aim of this work is to determine the interaction between a droplet’s stationary spray and a fluid flow, accounting for droplet vaporization, breakup and turbulences effects. In order to achieve this, a Lagrangian Monte Carlo code (McSpray) has been developed, besides a volume-finite Navier-Stokes solver (Karalis). The two codes work sequentially on the same computational grid, each influencing the other, so that a complete two-way coupling might be modelled. To validate the McSpray code in the case of two-way coupling, two cases have been performed: the first is a surface injection parallel to the inflow continuum velocity; the second is a conic point injection having an injection angle equal to 15 degrees. To verify these results, they are compared with the ones provided by Fluent commercial code.

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