FcaBedrock Formal Context Creator. FcaBedrock is a tool for creating context files for Formal Concept Analysis. It can convert existing data sets in flat-file CSV or 3-column CSV, to Burmeister (.cxt) or FIMI (.dat) context files. Features: Handle categorical, Boolean, continuous, date and ordinal attributes. Support of Discrete and Progressive scaling for continuous attributes. Auto-detection of metadata directly from the input file. Binning methods: equal width, equal frequency and standard deviation for continuous attributes (during auto-detection of metadata). Exclude attributes from the analysis. Restrict the analysis to user-specified attribute values. Metadata of each conversion/analysis saved & stored for subsequent conversions. Edit metadata directly inside, or outside of, the tool. Repetition of metadata for similar attributes. Inconsistency Mode - only convert objects which have more than one values for each attribute

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