SINTEF has developed software libraries as part of research and industrial projects.Geometry Toolkits - a set of software libraries for computational geometry, including SISL, GoTools, TTL, MBA, and more.Shallows - open source tool for using programmable graphics cards as a computational resource.HPMC - a small OpenGL/C/C++-library that extractes iso-surfaces of volumetric data directly on the GPU.Spider is a C++ library for solving problems in transportation planning, for instance dynamic fleet management. It is based on heuristic methods for solving the Vehicle Routing Problem.Spider Web is a software module for calculating optimal routes in a road network. It can run as a servlet as part of a web application.Ecoplan is a decision support tool for long-term forest treatment scheduling. It is developed by the department in cooperation with NORSKOG, Norges Skogeierforbund and the Department of Forest Sciences at the Agricultural University of Norway.Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST) consists of a comprehensive set of routines and data structures for reading, representing, processing, and visualizing unstructured grids, with particular emphasis on the corner-point format used within the petroleum industry.Open Porous Media Simulator (OPM). The principal objective of the Open Porous Media (OPM) initiative is to develop a simulation suite that is capable of modeling industrially and scientifically relevant flow and transport processes in porous media and bridge the gap between the different application areas of porous media modeling, including reservoir mechanics, CO2 sequestration, biological systems, and product development of engineered media.

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