DRAIN-2DX User Guide. DRAIN-2DX, a computer program for the analysis of inelastic 2-dimensional structures under static and dynamic loading, with particular emphasis on seismic response, is an extension of, and supersedes, earlier versions of the DRAIN-2D program. Many desirable features, lacking in DRAIN-2D because of its simplicity, have been added to DRAIN-2DX. Nonlinear static, as well as dynamic, analyses can be performed. More sophisticated dynamic step-by-step solution strategies may be specified: the time step can be varied automatically and corrections can be applied to compensate for errors in force equilibrium and energy balance. Energy balance computation can be performed, and detailed logs of energy and equilibrium errors can be obtained. Static and dynamic loads can be applied in any sequence. The structure state can be saved permanently at the end of any analyses. A new analysis can then begin from any previously saved state. Dynamic analyses can be carried out for ground accelerations (all supports moving in phase), ground displacements (supports may move out-of-phase), specified external forces (e.g. wind) and initial velocities (corresponding to an initial impulse). Mode shapes and frequencies can be calculated, and linear response spectrum analyses can be performed.

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