The SeaLion has Landed: An IDE for Answer-Set Programming - Preliminary Report. We report about the current state and designated features of the tool SeaLion, aimed to serve as an integrated development environment (IDE) for answer-set programming (ASP). A main goal of SeaLion is to provide a user-friendly environment for supporting a developer to write, evaluate, debug, and test answer-set programs. To this end, new support techniques have to be developed that suit the requirements of the answer-set semantics and meet the constraints of practical applicability. In this respect, SeaLion benefits from the research results of a project on methods and methodologies for answer-set program development in whose context SeaLion is realised. Currently, the tool provides source-code editors for the languages of Gringo and DLV that offer syntax highlighting, syntax checking, and a visual program outline. Further implemented features are support for external solvers and visualisation as well as visual editing of answer sets. SeaLion comes as a plugin of the popular Eclipse platform and provides itself interfaces for future extensions of the IDE.

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