SAP2000 is well-known commercial software for analysis and design of structural systems that is equipped with an open application programming interface (OAPI). In this work, a code written in C# able to solve three-dimensional topology optimization problems is presented, where a topology optimization framework was integrated into SAP2000 taking advantage of its OAPI feature. The code is partially based on the 99 and 88 line codes written by Sigmund (Struct Multidiscip Optim 21(2):120-127, 2001) and Andreassen et al. (Struct Multidiscip Optim 43(1):1-16, 2011). The code solves the problem of minimum compliance while through OAPI it takes advantage of all modelling capabilities of SAP2000. The paper covers the theoretical aspects of topology optimization incorporated in the code and provides detailed description of their numerical implementations. Special effort was made to the latter one, describing in detail all numerical aspects of the code, in order to facilitate the reader to understand the code, and therefore being able to further enhance its capabilities. The complete code can be downloaded from GitHub ( C# code for solving 3D topology optimization problems using SAP2000

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  1. Lagaros, Nikos D.; Vasileiou, Nikos; Kazakis, Georgios: A C# code for solving 3D topology optimization problems using SAP2000 (2019)