dynPARTIX - Dynamic Programming Argumentation Reasoning Tool. dynPARTIX is a system for abstract argumentation which is based on decomposition and dynamic programming. This work is motivated by the theoretical results from [1]. It makes use of the graph-parameter tree-width, which measures the ”tree-likeness” of a graph. More specifically, tree-width is defined via certain decompositions of graphs, so-called tree-decompositions. The theoretical results in [1, 3] describe algorithms how reasoning can be done in such a way that the performance mainly depends on the tree-width of the given AF, but the running times remain linear in the size of the AF. To put this approach to practice, we shall use the SHARP framework, a C++ environment which includes heuristic methods to obtain tree decompositions, provides an interface to run algorithms on decompositions, and offers further useful features, for instance for parsing the input.