Delynoi: an object-oriented C++ library for the generation of polygonal meshes. Free and open source C++ library for the generation of polygonal meshes on arbitrary domains, based on the constrained Voronoi diagram. It is the built-in polygonal mesh generator of the Veamy library. The meshes are generated on arbitrary domains, created from user defined points. Domains have no restrictions on convexity. It allows the inclusion of completely contained or intersecting holes, which are processed if required. The meshes are generated from seed points, which can be read either directly from a text file, included one by one, or created from a number of generation rules included in the library. New generation rules can be easily included. Meshes can be stored in OFF-style text files, or used directly in another program. To generate the meshes, the library first computes the conforming Delaunay triangulation using Triangle; the triangulation is considered as a mesh that is left available for use if needed. Then, it computes the constrained Voronoi diagram.

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