The XML Common Business Library (xCBL) is a set of XML building blocks and a document framework that allows the creation of robust, reusable, XML documents to facilitate global trading. It essentially serves one language that all participants in e-commerce can understand. This interoperability allows businesses everywhere to easily exchange documents for e-commerce, giving global access to buyers, suppliers, and providers of business services. xCBL 4.0, the latest version, provides a smooth migration path from EDI-based commerce because of its origins in EDI semantics. xCBL will be able to support all essential documents and transactions for global e-commerce including multi-company supply chain automation, direct and indirect procurement, planning, auctions, and invoicing and payment in an international multi-currency environment. xCBL 4.0 is the first version that uses XSDL as the canonical form. Previous versions all used SOX. xCBL is the result of extensive collaboration between Commerce OneĀ® and the leading XML standards bodies, e-commerce enterprises, and hardware and software vendors, as well as analysis of existing e-commerce standards including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and RosettaNet, Industry leaders Compaq, Microsoft, SAPMarkets, and Sun Microsystems are leveraging xCBL 3.0 and xCBL 3.5 as a key standard in the development and delivery of business-to-business solutions

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