FuzzME: a new software for multiple-criteria fuzzy evaluation. This paper is focused on an introduction of a new software product, which is called FuzzME. This software was developed as a tool for creating fuzzy models of multiple-criteria evaluation and decision making. The type of evaluations employed in the fuzzy models fully corresponds with the paradigm of the fuzzy set theory; the evaluations express the (fuzzy) degrees of fulfillment of corresponding goals. The FuzzME software works with both quantitative and qualitative criteria. The basic structure of evaluation is described by a goals tree. Within the goals tree, aggregation of partial fuzzy evaluations is done either by one of fuzzified aggregation operators or by a fuzzy expert system. The FuzzME software takes advantage of linguistic fuzzy modeling to the maximum extent. This paper also contains a short summary of other available software product for fuzzy multiple-criteria evaluation. In this paper, the possibilities of FuzzME are demonstrated on a sample problem - evaluation of a new employee. Note: Full-text ”Multiple-Criteria Fuzzy Evaluation: The FuzzME Software Package” available at http://fuzzme.wz.cz/ifsa_english.pdf