Juzzy - A Java based Toolkit for Type-2 Fuzzy Logic. In this paper we introduce a Java based toolkit for the development of type-1, interval type-2 and (zSlices based) general type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems (FLSs) which is available as a free download. We describe our motivation for the release of such a toolkit in Java - to improve the accessibility to specifically type-2 FLSs to users both in industry and academia beyond the fuzzy logic research community, as well as to facilitate the application of FLSs in real world applications from web and cloud based deployments to multi-agent based control, for example in smart buildings. To the best of our knowledge it is the first package or toolkit that enables the straightforward design and implementation of type-1, interval and general type-2 FLSs. We showcase and review the toolkit’s features and provide sample implementations of the different FLSs, together with explanations and source code. Finally, we conclude with future developments and a call for feedback and contributions to drive the further development of the toolkit.

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