Georgia Tech Face

Georgia Tech face database (128MB) contains images of 50 people taken in two or three sessions between 06/01/99 and 11/15/99 at the Center for Signal and Image Processing at Georgia Institute of Technology. All people in the database are represented by 15 color JPEG images with cluttered background taken at resolution 640x480 pixels. The average size of the faces in these images is 150x150 pixels. The pictures show frontal and/or tilted faces with different facial expressions, lighting conditions and scale. Each image is manually labeled to determine the position of the face in the image. The set of label files is available here. The Readme.txt file gives more details about the database. The face images with the background removed using the above label files is available here (15.9MB). Please check references (year 2000 and more recent) below for results obtained on this database.

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