Analyze: A Comprehensive, operator-interactive software package for multidimensional medical image display and analysis. A comprehensive software package, called ANALYZE, has been developed (1) which permits detailed investigation and evaluation of multidimensional biomedical images. ANALYZE can be used with 3-D imaging modalities based on x-ray computed tomography, radionuclide emission tomography, ultrasound tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. The software is written entirely in ā€œCā€ and runs on standard UNIX workstations. The ANALYZE package features integrated, complimentary tools for fully interactive display, manipulation and measurement of multidimensional image data. The software architecture permits systematic enhancements and upgrades which has fostered development of a readily expandable package. It provides an effective shell for custom software prototyping and turnkey applications. This paper provides a general description of this software as well as specific details on the methodology employed to develop it, both conceptual and technical. Applications of the software are illustrated.

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