INEQDECO: Stata module to calculate inequality indices with decomposition by subgroup. ineqdeco estimates a range of inequality and related indices commonly used by economists, plus optional decompositions of a subset of these indices by population subgroup. Indices estimated are: members of the single parameter Generalized Entropy class GE(a) for a = -1, 0, 1, 2; the Atkinson class A(e) for e = 0.5, 1, 2; the Gini coefficient, and the percentile ratios p90/p10 and p75/p25. Optionally presented are indices related to the Atkinson inequality indices, viz equally-distributed-equivalent income Yede(e), social welfare indices W(e), and the Sen welfare index. If there are observations with negative or zero values on the variable of interest, and you wish to wish to estimate inequality indices including these observations, then use ineqdec0 (q.v.) This version is for Stata versions 8.2 onwards. For versions 5 to 8.1, use ineqdeco5 instead.

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