LAIMA: A Multi-agent Platform Using Ordered Choice Logic Programming. Multi-agent systems (MAS) can take many forms depending on the characteristics of the agents populating them. Amongst the more demanding properties with respect to the design and implementation of multi-agent system is how these agents may individually reason and communicate about their knowledge and beliefs, with a view to cooperation and collaboration. In this paper, we present a deductive reasoning multi-agent platform using an extension of answer set programming (ASP). We show that it is capable of dealing with the specification and implementation of the system’s architecture, communication and the individual agent’s reasoning capacities. Agents are represented as Ordered Choice Logic Programs (OCLP) as a way of modelling their knowledge and reasoning capacities, with communication between the agents regulated by uni-directional channels transporting information based on their answer sets. In the implementation of our system we combine the extensibility of the JADE framework with the flexibility of the OCT front-end to the Smodels answer set solver. The power of this approach is demonstrated by a multi-agent system reasoning about equilibria of extensive games with perfect information.

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