AMC-ARQ system based on RC-LDPC code The performance of adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) combined with hybrid automatic repeat request(HARQ) based on rate-compatible low-density parity-check codes(RC-LDPC) is investigated. First a puncturing pattern for RC-LDPC codes is proposed and our puncturing pattern is proved as good as random puncturing but more applicable. Then according to the HSDPA physical layer standards, RC-LDPC codes is applied to AMC combined with ARQ system over Nakagami-$m$ fading channel and the throughput of the system is investigated. Computer simulations show that the joint design of AMC and ARQ base on RC-LDPC codes can achieve considerable spectral efficiency gain.

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  1. Zhang, Yuling; Yuan, Dongfeng; Li, Changchun: AMC-ARQ system based on RC-LDPC code (2007)