High Precision Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (HiPPSO) . Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a nature-inspired meta-heuristic adaptable to continuous optimization problems. To avoid numerical instabilities or artifacts it is necessary to evaluate floating point calculations with high precision. Our High Precision Particle Swarm Optimization (HiPPSO) software realizes this demand. Additionally our software provides an automatic procedure to adjust precision if it is necessary for accurate evaluations. This enables a fast execution time because the software always evaluates the calculations with suitable precision and does not use too much precision if it is not necessary. HiPPSO is implemented in C++ and has a very flexible class hierarchy to replace subroutines on purpose or extend functionality by simply implementing abstract classes. The software is available on a GitHub repository at https://github.com/alexander-rass/HiPPSO.

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